Read what the community is saying about Alisa

Teresa Kittridge

Founder, 100 Rural Women
I have had the tremendous opportunity to develop and build programs with Alisa and she is exactly the kind of leader that can make a difference and have impact. She is dedicated, collaborative, listens, learns, and follows through. I serve in and have served in local elected offices and know first hand what Alisa can contribute with her collaborative approach and her ability to make well informed decisions. Alisa is the leader that will represent you and build a better future for the community.

Lindsay Zerfas

public defense attorney
I worked with Alisa on an incredibly demanding CASA/guardian ad litem case as a student attorney over the course of 2019-2020. Alisa’s ability to review intense, lengthy documents and recall critical information is unmatched. She not only thoroughly reviewed case files, reports, medical documents, and court records, but also handled difficult information with great care. CASA work is heavily emotional, and the stakes are high – her work involves making recommendations that have life-long impacts on youth in our community. From meeting with youth to testifying in court, I am so impressed by Alisa’s capacity to merge facts, data, and research with empathy, care, and compassion. I have no doubt that she will bring the same grace and leadership to the people of Orono.

Heather Jackson

Friend and former co-worker

Alisa has been working to better the Orono community for as long as I have known her. She is thoughtful by nature and values diverse perspectives. These traits provide her with a unique ability to forge strong working relationships with people from all walks of life, an essential skill when it comes to finding new solutions to challenging issues.

I met Alisa when she volunteered to co-create a recess program for elementary students designed to promote the pillars of character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship). I also worked with her in the Orono schools when she was a substitute teacher. Alisa is flexible, hard-working, and fair. She also looks for common ground and brings out the best in others.

Alisa has been a longtime advocate for the community and will be an asset for Orono as a member of City Council.

Penny Saiki

Volunteer door knocker and Orono resident

Alisa is a great communicator. I watched her interact at a neighborhood listening session and while door knocking here. Her manner is respectful, direct and inviting, so parties are energized towards discourse and even willing to participate to implement solutions. Electing her to the City Council will be a step towards restoring transparency and trust in city decisions.